Mini Digital Kitchen Scale

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This scale works! Accuracy to 0.1 g!

You need very precise measurements in your kitchen, especially for baking, this scale will do the job!

Will measure in the following units: g / oz / ct / gn / ozt/ dwt 

Includes tare function to obtain net weight. 

This scale is so accurate that it's also great for weighing jewelry, even postage.

Includes two differently sized trays for differently sized food or other products

Manual is includes to explain each function simply!

Order yours now, supply is limited!


Product Details:

  • Display Type: LCD
  • Includes Two (2) trays, one large and one small for differently sized food
  • Power Supply: 2*AAA batteries (not included)
  • Accuracy: 0.01g
  • Size: 12.5cm*10.5cm*1.8cm
  • Capacity: 500g
  • Rated Load: 500g
  • Scale Type: Digital Electronic Scale
  • LCD screen size : 44.0*18.0*1.1mm
  • Material : Plastic housing, Stainless Steel tray
  • Weighing platform size : 10*10 cm
  • 10.Item dimension : 12.5*10.5*1.8cm
  • Background light color : blue

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